Girls Night Out

Thanks Janel for a really FUNNNNNY "girls night out"!!! We'll have to do it again next month! =) Posted by Picasa


Happy 23rd Bday Coley!

For those of you who haven't frequented the P.F Changs establishment at Friendly Center: YOU ARE MISSING OUT. My mom, dad, and Nicole went there for her birthday last Tuesday. The service was impeccable, and the food was fabulous. Check it out when you have a chance! Posted by Picasa


Ouch. No Really.

Wow. I have not been this tired since the days of 7am bedtime in my Raver days. No people, there are no drugs involved here. No loud parties or droves of people crammed into my apartment. There was simply the Caucasian incarnate of Bruce Lee sleeping in my bed...and I use the term "sleeping" EXTREMELY loosely here. Somewhere between a stealthy jab to my xyphoid process, and the deadly pinky-toe-to-the-nostril, I realized I have GOT to stop letting my four year old sleep in my bed. Hrm...now where did I stash that ICYHOT?


Baby Caleb

Great pics from Calebs first year of life. Hard to believe he is four years old already. Time certainly does fly! If you want to see full size views of any of the pics, simply click on the photo! Posted by Picasa

Baby Barrett

More old pictures I found on my ShutterFly account: My sweetpea, Barrett, in the first year of his life. How about that hat pic?! Posted by Picasa


I finally cracked into my ShutterFly account that I've had for years now. Here are some funny pictures of me from the past five years or so.

ps) Yes...that IS a perm you are looking at. Quick, let me hide! Posted by Picasa

Enough with the faces already!

You know what I just noticed? I tend to make this exact expression in almost all my pictures. Nice. Posted by Picasa


Even BatMan has to catch a few zzzz's people...

 Posted by Picasa

Grasshoppers, french fries, and cheese-OH MY!

I took the kids out tonight to the Grasshoppers game downtown. We had dinner first at Fincastles, and the kids totally loved the cheese fries. Ummm...yeah, ok, so I "helped" quite a bit. A mom has to eat! =) Posted by Picasa

Rob comes home! (Well, sort of...)

Rob came home on his "mid-tour leave" this past week. I was able to spend about three hours with him. Watching him leave this time around was much easier than last fall. I'm so proud of him, as we all should be. Thank you for serving our country Rob, you're my hero. Posted by Picasa

Caleb's first banana split

This is Caleb's very first banana split...his reward after a long day at Dinosaur Camp. Posted by Picasa


Camping Trip 3

This is just a really cool bridge I came upon on my way into Bryson City, TN... Posted by Picasa

Camping Trip 2

Here are a few pics I snapped of the midgets on our camping trip last weekend!! Posted by Picasa

Camping Trip 1

A moment to ponder life during the drive from the cabin to campsite... Posted by Picasa


You Caught Me...

My secret life as a Cootie has finally been revealed.
 Posted by Picasa

My midgets!

Here are my midgets snuggled together last night, enjoying some Disney goodness before bed time. Posted by Picasa

Good Eats

To those of you who know the downtown area well, you know of the hip little Irish pub on the corner of Elm and McGee. It happens to be one of my favorite places to enjoy a good meal, and the absolute best selection of imported beers in town. (Personally, I tend to favor the Smithwicks-but if drinks that include a garnish are your thing, fret not, for they have some of the best bartenders in the city...)

Hrm, that was a slight run-on wasn't it? In any case, do yourself a favor this weekend and check out the amazing live Irish music this Friday night. You won't regret it! Posted by Picasa