Untitled II

Silent night, so
silent night
I feel you fill the room.
I taste your tears,
I bathe in your apathy.
I see your dress fall to the floor
as you step into my head
you shake and shiver
your fingers quiver
as you watch the picture show
that plays behind my eyes....

Hrm, that one just isn't done yet. Writers block. Grrrr.

Happy EARLY Birthday

...to The Shu.


Kuwaiti Sunset by Rob

This is an aweseom picture from Rob the first night he was in Kuwait. It is a great shot of the sun setting with soldiers in the background. I just love his vision. He truly is genius through the eye of a camera...at least to me.
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Say Hello to the Cowboy's Daddy

Yes its true, the Cowboy obviously was spawned by a bigger, much more evil entity. That entity has a name, but we will just call him Wee Willy for short, no pun intended of course. I think he'd like that. Anyway, Wee Willy reads my blog quite a bit now I see. He is also demanding that I take all the pictures I have put up of my kids off my blog. I would be willing to also bet he things he has some kind of inside info just by reading this thing too. Wait, maybe I should just call him Super Spud. He is sort of shaped like a potato, and well...the IQ pretty much goes along with that. lol. Wee Willy Super Spud it is then...good thinking people. I don't know what I would do without you!


To my love...

Flaxen gold
Blood crimsons shadow
Nights shadow
My mind still slow dancing with your every memory.
Come home and be mine love,
I'll never want for you to be anyone other than yourself love,
Don't be afraid love,
Follow me love,
because we sleep until the same nights starry sky.


Settled in the comfort of your skin
I will sleep so soundly
comfort where unsettling water has been
so very long before you had arrived.

So vivid
So soothing
Intriguing and sensitive
of life...thank you for simply being. Posted by Picasa

Work Work Work

Update: I got a little part time job at Buffalo's on Battleground. Yae for wings. Haha. Come in and tip me well, I'm poor. =P

My dad

This is my pops, Dougie Poo. Everyone says I look just like him. Hrmm. I don't see it. Posted by Picasa

Dirty bug

Another picture Rob took in Iraq recently. I think its absolutely amazing the emotion it conveys. A little like Rob himself I suppose. Great guy I must say.
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I both love and hate this picture. It shows Robs pure innocence and fear at the same time. It brings out the "mother bear" in me, I guess you could say. I want to protect him from whatever may be making him worry. Thats my baby. Any sandy little troll messes with him and I'll make it my duty to mess with them. I don't worry babe, you'll be home soon enough, right?... Posted by Picasa