Say Hello to the Cowboy's Daddy

Yes its true, the Cowboy obviously was spawned by a bigger, much more evil entity. That entity has a name, but we will just call him Wee Willy for short, no pun intended of course. I think he'd like that. Anyway, Wee Willy reads my blog quite a bit now I see. He is also demanding that I take all the pictures I have put up of my kids off my blog. I would be willing to also bet he things he has some kind of inside info just by reading this thing too. Wait, maybe I should just call him Super Spud. He is sort of shaped like a potato, and well...the IQ pretty much goes along with that. lol. Wee Willy Super Spud it is then...good thinking people. I don't know what I would do without you!

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D. Hoggard said...

Wee Willy sounds like he's a real prince of a fella - just like his boy.

FunkyLoona said...

Hey David! Long time no see! I hope your family is doing well. My children are all either screaming about something right now, or picking their noses-but I'm certain that means "hello". lol. Hope to see you at the next blog Meetup if I can make it... =)

mbondur12 said...

How in the world did you ever get mixed up with this bunch?

Like David said, this guy sounds like is a real winner too.

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