• Mood: Ouch-ish
  • Listening to: Flogging Molly
  • Reading: the warning labels on your medicine bottles.
  • Watching: the second hand on the wall clock.
  • Playing: duck...duck...taxidermy.
  • Eating: my words.
  • Drinking: Shut the Hell Up...on the rocks.
So...I drove my non-HMO having self down to my local ER this morning because I kept having dreams that the devil was trying to extract my kidney's with a corn cob. Yeah. Turns out I have a kidney infection, kidney stones, and fluid build up behind my left kidney. Who says dreams don't come true?


Eating cookies in a bubble bath...

...I highly recommend it. Especially after a really long weekend of moving. Maybe ESPECIALLY after a really long weekend of moving. Now instead of wondering if there are homeless crackheads passing by my apartment, I can actually SEE them! That wasn't exciting enough to warrant an exclamation point, I know-but in the grand scheme of my life at the moment it's pretty thrilling.


FunkyLoona...version 5.0

Ok I'm back...so what did I miss?? Shu got married and looked like he had an awesome honeymoon as well...where's Ben? How's David Hoggard and his family? Juan, are you still writing? Who's still doing Meetup's? Anyone? I could go on and on, but I guess I'd better start looking everyone up again. It's good to be in this familiar place again. I'm getting all sassy and posting a mini-scrapbook with updated pics of my midgets...oh how time has slipped past me so quickly. 


::Theme music from Welcome Back Cotter::

So yeahhhhhhhhhh...about that whole "Happily Ever After" thing? Not so much.