A picture I took of Rob on North Mountain in VA.  Posted by Picasa

Caleb and I outside today! (AWESOME weather here in Greensboro, NC...) Posted by Picasa

Back to the shelter

Finally was able to get back to the shelter Wednesday night. It was really nice to be there, and I have made a commitment to be there every Wednesday night now. That is my only night that I'm not at school during the week. I should have gone sooner, I forgot what a part of me it is.


I glow when I think.
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My little baby bella...and her mini pink suitcase she likes to carry fake, plastic food in. Haha.
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Anyone want to buy a 1991 VW Passat wagon for mucho cheapo? I thought I'd give it a shot! $1750 bucks and she's yours! hehe
pics by Ann


Court, Kids, and Dough

Today was the first of what will be quite a few D-Day's for me. We were supposed to be meeting about post separation support and alimony, but it ended up being mediation about the separation of property. Cowboy completely lied about a few things, but there is nothing I can do. Its my word against his, and that doesn't count for much in the courtroom. I'm so anxious, and scared about this custody thing too. His lawyer is just low and dirty. She's the same woman that said she would have punched me in the face too-like he did when I was pregnant with Rosie. Dan boasted about her saying that to him as if to try to justify hitting me. Disgusting. She's either evil, or has only heard a perverted version of the story. I'd bet on both.

So, I ended up signing over the house, Landcruiser, and giving back my wedding rings for $5000. I also get half of the money accrued during our marriage in the 401K. That ends up being a little less than 3k. I'm about 13k in debt over-all, so hopefully I can just pay off a big chunk of what I owe. A part of me didn't want to give back the rings because I thought about saving them for Rosie, but I didn't feel like I had a choice. Anyway, I have a ton of psychology homework to do, so I'm going to go. Hope all is well with everyone in bloggerville.


Rosie Posie-my one and only. She's growing up too fast.
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Mercedes Smart Car

Do you think Mercedes isn't marketing the new Smart Car here in the States because we're obsessed with SUV's?


American Life

In its 2004 budget, the state of Texas has slashed mental health benefits for the poor, increasing the likelihood that those who are mentally ill will wind up in prison or on death row. Read about it HERE.


I was just going back and reading through some of my posts, and I felt that it was important to mention that the car that I just got is a gift from my parents. I am very lucky to have people like them that help me in such huge ways like that. FINALLY I have a/c! (Thanks 'ma and pops!!! =P)


One of the pictures I took along the way...
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Mister Elder and myself on the way back from VA.
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The Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge, hrm, and some crazy chick in a pink shirt.
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I couldn't help picking all the pretty flowers...
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"Shadow Lovers"
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This is what happens...

...when the internet vomits: Conservative Singles


Camping in VA

I had the most AWESOME weekend! I went camping up in VA with Rob, and had the best time. We stayed in Roanoake on Friday night, and he took me to see the Roanoake Star on Mill Mountain. I have quite a few pics I'm going to post, but it will take me a few days I think. On Saturday morning we drove up to Lexington and camped out by the most beautiful river, and next to the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge. It was a little cold, but I had a good sleeping bag-so not so bad. It probably didn't help that I washed up in the river that night, but that was fun too. Haha. Just a good 'ol time nomatter how you look at it. Nature is verrrrrry good.


Some pictures taken in Mississippi of Katrina.
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Psychology Exam

Cross your fingers, light a few candles, and say a prayer for me tomorrow because I have my first psychology exam tomorrow night. Personally, I think I'll be more than lucky to pass it because I've not gotten onto the course site set, and am just now studying for it. School+having 3 kids = HARD.

ps) But I did get a 90 on my first math exam, yipee.


Free Credit Report in NC

Some of you already know about this, but if you live in NC you can get a free credit report right now. Here is the link: https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index


"...and if I die in Raleigh-at least I will die free."
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"...it feels so good feelin' good again."
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Things start to pile up after a year of going through the motions of separation. Everything from feelings to bills. Its all very backed up at this moment. This black hole called divorce has sucked me in, along with most of the light around me-just as black holes can do. I'm just waiting to see where I will end.

Having a bad day? Check out a little Townes Van Zandt, and feel better. Much better.
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Rob vs. The Giant Plastic Crab
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I'm waiting for the thickest desert sand
to come take him away.
Sucking him deep into a black abyss
no martyrs prayer can make him stay.
My fingers will keep reaching
trying to find his skin
and I'll grab onto the short memories
instead of touching him.


Long time no type...

Heeeeey people! Long time no bloggy blog blog. Lets see here, there is a lot to catch up on so I'll make it snappy. First of all, school is going well! I took my first math exam tonight and got a 90. I should have done better, but I won't make the same kinds of mistakes on the next one. I also finally got a court date scheduled in my case, its on the 28th of this month. This date is for post-separation support and alimony. I did meet with both Dan AND the custody evaluator this past Friday. It went alright I suppose, but I felt a little odd sitting right by Mr. Cowboy to tell you the truth. It is a little hard to be open about things with him sitting there right next to me. We mostly talked about trying to work out some kind of schedule for the kids, and C.D seemed to be really agreeable to what I thought was a "good idea" for them. I haven't found work yet, but am still trying the whole cleaning thing. I put a few flyers up at my apartment complex to try to get something, but no calls yet. I also just bought a new car. It is a Mazda MPV, and its only got 60K. For a 2002 that isn't bad. I'm just glad to have A/C now, haha. I think I may have sold my VW to a girl in my math class, but I'll have to see if that pans out. I really hope so, I need the money. Anyway-I'm off to bed. I hope all is well with everyone in web land.