Camping in VA

I had the most AWESOME weekend! I went camping up in VA with Rob, and had the best time. We stayed in Roanoake on Friday night, and he took me to see the Roanoake Star on Mill Mountain. I have quite a few pics I'm going to post, but it will take me a few days I think. On Saturday morning we drove up to Lexington and camped out by the most beautiful river, and next to the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge. It was a little cold, but I had a good sleeping bag-so not so bad. It probably didn't help that I washed up in the river that night, but that was fun too. Haha. Just a good 'ol time nomatter how you look at it. Nature is verrrrrry good.

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Andrew Clacy said...

Hi I have a michigan camping checklist on my website, just wondering if you guys have anything to add to the list The following is a Check list of camping equipment that you likely want to take on a camping excursion.

Spare tent stakes
Sleeping Bags
Ground pad or air mattress
Stove and fuel
Lantern and fuel
Flashlight and spare bulb and batteries
Dutch oven or Reflector oven
If taking a reflector oven- cake pans,
pie plates, muffin tins
Griddle or frying pans
Pot holder
Can opener
Cooking utensils- spatula, large spoon, fork
Mixing bowls
Dish cloth and towels, Dish Soap
Plates, cups, knives , forks, spoons
michigan camping

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