Bella Notte

Well I'm still alive. I've made it through the bulk of my training at Weaver House, and I can say I do still love it. I am absolutely exhausted to the bone, but I think with a week of normal days on and off I'll be good as new. I think I'm really going to love it there and love the people I work with. Its actually a really relaxing environment besides the occasional weird blow up by a client or two. All in all its very rewarding I have to say. You give love to the people and they give love back. Its God's way of holding up a mirror to my own soul I think. Very cool. Bella notte.



Gather the sick
bring forth the poor
with a true heart
wash their feet with your hair
and let their hearts rest easy on your shoulders.

Goshen Pass

Great pic that either Rob or I took the morning we left from camping in VA. I just can't wait to get back there. It was absolutely amazing. Go if you can! Posted by Picasa


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To all my fellow Greensboro Bloggers:

If you happen to have the time this week or this upcoming weekend, please think about making a donation of any of the following to the Weaver House at G.U.M:

Bath towels
Individual sized hand/body lotion
Individual sized toothpaste
Alcohol Wipes
Shaving razors
Shaving Cream
Dixie cups
Baby Powder

I know there is more that we are in need of, but those were just off the top off my head. Thanks guys. Sleep well Greensboro,



In The Beginning

In the beginning there was me,
there was I,
there were my little brown eyes,
and my
little brown pigtails
and the click-clack-click-clack
of my roller skates down the drive.
In the beginning there was me,
there was you,
and your curly beard,
I used to ask if it was real.
Like maybe you were Santa Claus,
'cause I just knew you were
In the beginning there was me,
and you
with the "magic rubber folding ears",
and I could almost touch the sky
on your shoulders.
'Cause we all knew
it was just that far away.
In the beginning there was me,
there was I,
there were my little brown eyes,
so tight,
(be still! be still!)
pretending to still be asleep,
the night I found out
your secret
This was my very first post on this blog. I wrote it especially for it. I just wanted everyone to see it who hadn't. Sorry I'm not around much at the moment again. I've been working 8-9 hour days for the past week and will work another 7 more days just like that. Blah. I am tired, BUT I still am loving my job completely. This weekend was not really fun because I was supposed to have the kids and it ended it that I had to work all weekend. Cowboy was none too happy about that one-let me tell you. But when I got off today I was able to get Rosie for some "one on one" time-which was so very cool. Hopefully I can get Barrett and Caleb in for the same this week between shifts. Anyway, I'm off to bed-I'm exhausted. Talk with you again soon world...


I just wanted to say that I reallllllllllly got into this weeks BIG LINK...


Troubled Waters

I step slowly into the tide
then smooth calf
to my steady knees
the cerulean water pushing against me.
The sand deceitfully slides past my feet
back into the pools and waves.
Calling for me to lay my troubles down
Calling for the child inside me to come and play.
For she has never aged,
and remembers my innocence well
Remembers at my marvel
Oh how she remembers!
and if I could just quiet my mind
she'd tell...


Good Reading


Being Jane!

This is what its like BEING JANE.


So I finally got "the job" at the shelter. I was so excited, and surprised I have to say, to have gotten it. I think they just got tired of me bugging them, lol. Anyway, my first week has gone pretty well so far. No major incidences to speak of. I'm just learning the whole paperwork system, and how to deal with "clients" on a day to day basis. Its cool, I love the people there. All of them. Its a huge outlet for me, and totally feeds me on a spiritual basis as well. Very good stuff. Anyways, I will be talking about what I can, when I can. I hope all is well with you guys-because everything is looking so very up here. =)


Yae for kiddies!

This is not going to become an ongoing argument with mister Cowboy Dan. I still have much to talk about and a lot of updating to do. I have the kids tonight and tomorrow, and I also have to work. Where I have landed a job finally is the big news...I'll try to post tonight after the childrens be a-sleepin'. =)


Open letter to Cowboy Dan

Dearest Cowboy,
You are nothing but a lier and theif of life. Go spread your filth somewhere else. You're not allowed to comment here, and neither are your parents. (Catch that Bill?? Good boy. Now GET A LIFE and read something like The Times or something, not your EX-daughter-in-law's blog...) Oh, and tell your mother to lay off the wine before three in the afternoon from now on. That was a HUGE glass, and its just not safe to have someone drunk or "buzzed" around three small children like that. If she can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen and back to Florida. Don't drink huge glasses of wine until you don't notice the heat anymore...


the system

Digging my strong legs and feet into the soft earth,
I will try my hardest to stop the world from turning.
I'll pull her in the opposite direction my little loves,
so that our day together never stops burning.
We can play ball, and color wax pages for hours, roll in the grass,
whatever your fancy.
I'll pull and I'll dig right in,
the day will never end
and those silly grown up words "joint custody"
will never mean anything to you '
my sweet

Poverty in Iraq

Poverty in Iraq...pictures by Rob. Posted by Picasa

Little Girls in Iraq

Little Girls on the side of the road in Iraq. Pictures by Rob. Posted by Picasa



Welcome to THE BIG LINK this week! =)

Drive In

This isn't some kind of show
no black and white
slow picture screen of my life for your eyes
close up on my heart
please splice it all out
I don't want your eyes any longer.


Fun with MS Paint

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I have been urged to shut my blog down by my parents because of threats from both the Cowboy and his father. They have called me "dumb" for writing my thoughts and feeling about the whole divorce. His father says, "doesn't she know that's what lawyers live for?". At this point I'm more annoyed than worn down, but I'm sure that they will keep on trying for the latter. They are trying to use anything and everything I say against me. So I can say in all truth now that they are the most evil, God-less, obsessive, deranged people I could have ever thought existed. I fear for my children. I fear that they are going to wake up someday and see the actions of Cowboy and his father, and think that its normal to treat people like they do. Its very sad, and aggravating to say the least. I want to protect my children from people like these, but then again I want them to have as whole of a family experience as they can-even growing up in a divorced home. This whole situation now just makes my head spin sometimes. I don't understand why we can't just let the past BE just that-the past. We need to work together to raise these beautiful kids in the most normal environment we can. It just blows my mind that they work so hard to separate me from the kids. I never thought I would see the day when a father tries to separate his children from their mother so much. He's trying his hardest to alienate the children from me by playing off the fact that I happen to be diagnosed Bipolar. He wants to run me into the ground with his hate and evil anger. The emails he sends are nothing short of disgusting lies and non-truths. He truly is a Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hyde, and so has become his father. I just feel sorry for the children, that they have to be put in the middle of Cowboy and his fathers misdirected hatred. So sad, so sad...

Update of my mini-me =)

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My second little man...the angel

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My first little man....

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Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeee

Yeah, yeah, yeah...so I'm saying it to myself...someone has to. lol. =)

Hi Slade!

I never knew fishing could take so much thought Slade, hehe =P Posted by Picasa

And we will ask for ONE MIIIIIIILLLION DOLLARS....ahe ahe aheee. Posted by Picasa


Bad days.

My phone got shut off today....hrm. All that is next is a pretty blue chunk of blue ice to fall out of the sky and kill me. Nice.

My heart... Posted by Picasa