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EAT OUT on 5/3!!!!

On Tuesday, May 3rd the list of restaurants below will donate 10% of TOTAL SALES to Greensboro Urban Ministry! Very cool, right? So get your behinds out on Tuesday, got it? Good Stuff. I haven't decided where I'm going yet, but I'll be out! Cha-cha-cha. Anybody up for doing a blogging get together for the good of Greensboro Urban Ministry, and our appetites??? Speak now of forever hold your peace. =)

1618 West Seafood Grille *
Acropolis Restaurant *
Akashi Japanese Restaurant
Amalfi Harbour
Amalfi’s Pizza Italian Restaurant (Kernersville)
Anton’s Restaurant
Arigato Japanese Restaurant *
Bear Rock Café (both locations)
Bert’s Seafood Grille *
Bianca’s An Italian Eatery *
Bill's Pizza Pub (both locations)
Bistro Sofia *
Box Seat Sports Restaurant
Brixx Pizza
Buffalo’s Bar and Grill I & II
Café D’Arte *
Café Europa
Café Nouveau *
Captain Bill’s Seafood Restaurant
Cincy’s Downtown
Cloud Nine Café & Coffee
El Carreton Mexican Restaurant
Elizabeth’s Pizza (all Greensboro locations)
Elizabeth’s Italian Restaurant (Oak Ridge) *
Fat Dog’s Grille & Pub
First Carolina Deli
Fishers Grille
Ganache Restaurant *
Gate City Chop House *
Ghassan’s (all locations)
Green’s Supper Club
Green Valley Grill *
Ham’s Restaurant (all Greensboro locations)
Harper’s at Friendly
Hayble’s Hearth
Herbie’s Place
Hugo’s Food Sports Spirits (both locations)
International House of Pancakes (1430 Westover Terrace only)
IPD Eatery & Grill
J & S Cafeteria
J. Butler’s Bar & Grill
Jack’s Corner
Jam’s Deli
Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar *
Laddie and Duke’s Family Grille *
Leblon Brazilian Steak House *
Liberty Oak *
Lox, Stock & Bagel
Lucky 32 *
Mahi’s Seafood Restaurant*
Manhattan Pizza & Subs
Maria’s Foods-to-Go & Catering
Mark’s on Westover *
M’Coul’s Public House
McPherson’s Bar & Grill
Mexico Restaurant (3606 M N. Elm St; 4207 High Point Rd; 4800 W. Market St)
Milano Pizza *for lunch
Napoli Italian Market, Deli, Pizzeria & Restaurant *
Natty Greene’s Pub & Brewing Co.
Oakcrest Family Restaurant *
Old Town Draught House
The Painted Plate
Penny’s Restaurant (Jamestown)
Po Folks Restaurant
Pollo - Pizza – Pasta
Positano Italian Restaurant
Sadie May’s (Jamestown)
Saffron Indian Cuisine *but not required
Saigon Restaurant *
Smith Street Diner
Southern Lights Bistro *for 6 or more
Stamey’s Barbecue (both locations)
Steak-Out Delivery
Taste of Thai *
Tex & Shirley’s Family Restaurant
Triad Grill
Tummy Yummy
Undercurrent Restaurant *
Village Tavern
Wallstreet Deli and Catering
Yum Yum Better Ice Cream
Coffee, Bakeries, Desserts, and Smoothies
Baskin Robbins (1620 Battleground Ave)
Cheesecakes by Alex
Cold Stone Creamery (all Greensboro locations)
The Green Bean Coffeehouse
Java Jo’z
Juice Shop Smoothies (both locations)
Maxie B’s (both locations)
Spring Garden Bakery & Coffee House
Tate Street Coffee House

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power.
- John Steinbeck


If we are to live unto God at any time, or in any place, we are to live unto Him at all times and all places. If we are to use anything as the gift of God, we are to use everything as His gift.
-William Law

(Just to clarify something: I don't post things like this to say anything about myself. I don't claim to be anything but a human being.)

Cheeseburger Eating Mobiles

Second mortgage for next years supply of petro? Fret not my friend: Rob Ainbinder found this link: SHAZAM! The magic petro fairy give you a little jingle in your pocket maybe? Hehe.


James Dean in Greensboro

Where was he going? I just can't help wondering that over and over as I sit here in these very capable pajamas, in a very capable home. Last time we talked, it was very briefly over a strawberry cupcake I just so happened to have with me. (Now that just might be random.) I saw him as I was stopped at a light going through downtown. The rain had just started to fall. I quickly parked around the nearest corner, and ran the half block up to catch him. I asked where he was staying, since I hadn't seen him down at the shelter. He said he wasn't staying there anymore, but in a car with a woman he had "met". He pulled at the plastic wrapping on his soda bottle nervously as we spoke. He's always so nervous. His mind seems too scattered for words at most points. Maybe that's why he's always ending the beginning of insight into his mind with, "we'll have this conversation later,(nervous laugh)...". Its like clockwork. If I were worth anything at all, I'd stop thinking about how much I want to sleep right now, and drive my money squandering ass down there to buy him some hella IHOP breakfast/lunch/dinner, and take him to a truck stop so he can wash. He looks like he hasn't bathed in about a month or two. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE. THIS IS OUR CITY. HE'S HOMELESS IN AMERICA, IN GREENSBORO, HERE FOR GOD'S SAKE. Does this stir anything and ANYONE reading this stupid thing? There are so many things you can do to help. You claim to be some creative ANYTHING? DO something for them. Say you did something in your life for someone else, other than not fuss at the woman who forgot to give you your 15% discount at CHICO'S. GET UP AND LIVE ALREADY.

Something random

Am I really that random with what I say on here?


Caleb and "Fireball", his VERY real horse =) Posted by Hello

Rosie's first ice cream cone. As you can see it went over pretty well. =) Posted by Hello

The word "icky" comes to mind. Posted by Hello

...please don't say its a Southern-thing. Posted by Hello


Add-On's for Blogs

If you're looking for a good way to litter up your blog with all kinds of crap....HERE YA GO! But really most of it is cool. I'm thinking about doing a little junking up of mine right now. Ciao.

The Big Link

The Big Link this week is riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.......HERE.

To be...

HE touched me, so I live to know

That such a day, permitted so,

I groped upon his breast.

It was a boundless place to me,

And silenced, as the awful sea

Puts minor streams to rest.

And now, I ’m different from before,

As if I breathed superior air,

Or brushed a royal gown;

My feet, too, that had wandered so,

My gypsy face transfigured now

To tenderer renown.


Post for post's sake

Sitting here writing out the list of what I want out of my house, and what I'm willing to give up. I just want to be settled with the kids again. Thats it.


Caleb went with Dan to his appointment with Dr. Batten today. When Caleb went with me his allergies were horrible. But he was totally fine today. I wonder if that's going to make me look like some kind of "bad mom"? I still don't know when the home visit is. I don't know if they tell you, or just show up one day. I hope they just show up. Anyways, my car is about to blow up. That sucks. Cars blowing up is never a good thing, right Martha? The MeetUp is Wednesday at Panera Bread on Lawndale. I'm going, how about you? Ok, time for bed, or to at least pretend.


So many people, so much crap, not enough shovels.


I met this lady at the last MeetUp, and I have to say that I think she's awesome. Its THE BIG LINK number five!


I was told that I could end up with between $700-$1000 a month from Dan. Even with me getting whatever crappy paying job that I would get, (I got pregnant and married in college), how am I going to do this? I refuse to make my children go to daycare, while I go to work. There is just no way I'm sending them. I want to raise my children, and see their milestones. (Don't start crying just because I dissed the whole daycare thing people!) There has to be some way to make this work from home, so I can be there with the kids. WOMEN do it all the time, right? The question is, how? You can't feed 3 kids selling Mary Kay or Tupperware. Well, maybe you can, but I'm not a saleswoman, and have no desire to win a pink caddy just for hustling mascara. Time to get creative about being creative I guess.


The Big Link




Right before I found out I was preggo with baby number three, I was looking at the space next to Glitters in downtown. I wanted to open a store of my own, and fill it will the most wonderful home furnishings you had seen south of the Mason Dixon line. Yes people, we all have dreams don't we? But this dream, nomatter what crap keeps coming into my life and changing the course of it WILL NOT go away. I keep saying,"SHOO dream, you no longer belong here. I have children! I musn't think of things like you!" But this dream floats like a mist in the background of all this current chaos in my life. It keeps making me wonder if it is waiting for me and not the other way around?


Big time, big link: http://chewok.blogspot.com/