Clematis heraceilofolia

The dark need no longer cause you fear
For a thousand nights I’ll keep you near
Protected and tight, holding you secretly safe
Hoping your longing and want never abate


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New Tattoo Idea

Ok, I think I know what my next tattoo is going to be. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I have decided to get all of my babies thumbprints tattooed on either my arm or back. I don't imagine it costing much more than 65 bucks or so-meaning I can hopefully get it done soon. I hope everyone had a enjoyable Thanksgiving, and spent meaningful time with people you love. I certainly did. Goodnight.

I always KNEW I had a sister!!


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Just some JPEG lovin' for my "Anonymous" CyberStalker:


To my Cyber Stalker:

Dear "Anonymous" poster and your band of Merry Men,

I have designed for you a handy warning sticker for those that come in contact with you in the future. Please print this post out, cut out the picture shown above, and super glue to your forehead. It will save the rest of us valuable time when trying to figure out what abomination of life we happen to have stumbled upon.

Hugs and Kisses,
Queen Annie

Wheeee...look at me.

My new hair cut...yes I did it myself. (Notice the extreeeemely uneven bangs, hehe.)


Ha. Aha. Tee. Hee.

Cowboy Dan and his new victim...

I am afraid of:the dark, bugs that can jump and/or are hairy, hateful people, the unkown.
I love:my babies, creativity, passion, eccentric people, and life.
I love the smell of:mint, Magnolia trees, Ivory soap, my Grandmas kitchen, my dads cologne.
Last meal would be:My dads Chicken Piccata and a bottle of really good Bordeaux.
I love the feeling of this on my skin:worn cotton, body butter, ice, a warm mouth, water, and sweat from a good run.
On a rainy day I:sleep. A lot.
Before I die I want to:travel to Africa and work with pediatric AIDS patients.
I daydream about:falling in love.
I have nightmares about:people trying to hurt me.
It makes me sad when:My babies aren't there to tuck in every night.
It makes me angry when:Dan threatens to try to take away my babies.
It makes me happy when:we make popcorn and watch cartoons on the floor before bedtime.
The first thing I do when I wake up is:wash my face.
The last song I listened to was:The Damnwells, "I Will Keep the Bad Things from You"
My most prized material object is:My laptop.
If I won a million dollars, the first thing I'd do is:Buy some land in the mountains and build a house.
My friends say I'm:Creative, eccentric, funny, sarcastic, brassy, unpredictable, kind, generous, mildly insane.
My family says I'm:...the devil child?
My best physical trait is:my eyes or my legs.
My worst physical trait is:my stomach...3 babies do bad things to your middle.
I believe in:true love, God, aliens, ghosts, power of the mind, and truth.
If I were an animal, I'd be:a monkey.
If I were a food, I'd be:a mango.
5 things I'd want with me on a desert island:My family, an ax, iPod with speakers and some kind of solar powered battery, Rob, and Newmans Own Lemonade.
I wish:my babies lived with me full time.
I hope:they grow up peacefully and feeling love all around them.
I will:find what I'm looking for.

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Oh Happy Day...

Someone please slip the Cowboy a few of these...

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More Adventures with Cowboy Dan

I would say that I can't believe it, but that would be silly...

Sunday, around lunchtime, I took the kids out to get some Chinese food for lunch. When we returned home, I found out my apartment key had fallen off my keychain. I tried calling my neighbor to see if we could hang at her house until it was time to take the kids to Cowboy, but she wasn't home. Thinking for one moment that the Cowboy would be able to be cival for once, I called him up to tell him what had happened. The minute he answeres the phone, he goes into jackhole mode, and attempts to verbally beat me down like always. I asked if there was anyone available at his house, and he said yes. I asked him if there were any way I could drop the kids off early that afternoon because we were locked out of the house. The Cowboy, in true Cowboy fashion, said no I could not. That someone was there at the house, but that didn't mean they were available to me. I told him that was fine, I guess the children and I could just sit outside in the cold and eat our Chinese food for the next 4 hours-until it was 5pm, and "time" for them to be with him. He then went into a barrage of insults, calling me a loser, and taunting me. He said that I could bring them over, but continued to insult me, and finally I just hung up. It was apparent to me that he had absolutely NO desire to help the kids and I out, nor see them before his "scheduled time" appointed for. What is most disturbing to me about the whole thing is that he knew how cold it was outside, he knew the kids didn't have appropriate clothing on to stay out that long in the cold, and he also knew it was their nap time. With complete disregard to the kids, and how the accidental circumstances would have negatively affected them/their well being, he decided to take the opportunity to verbally trash me, intimidate me, taunt me, and hatefully make fun of me instead of putting his SICK AGENDA aside for a moment to have some compassion for the kids. Both the Cowboy, those friendly to his deceitful cause, and his family need to be publicly castrated and stoned. But that's just my opinion-of course.

God, if you can hear me, please curse his twigs and berries with a nasty case of Chiggers. Amen.


Confirmation of my suspicion that toddlers are much like geriatric stoners...

I cracked open my eyes at roughly 6am this morning to the site of two, big, brown eyes peering back at me. "Mommy...I want tacos...", Rosie said with a little too much authority. This was quickly followed with another typical toddler morning announcement: "Mommy...I have poops."

Happy Saturday.



Mommy's accomplice in crime...

Dear Anonymous poster,

I'll post your comments when you stop being a coward and post with an actual identity. I think the blogging community would appreciate knowing who is accusing them of "having no life", pedaphilia, disregard for anyone they post photographs of, ignorance of internet crime, and the general lack of creativity in the blogging medium. What makes all of this even more ridiculous is the fact that you've found the time to read and comment on blogs. Does that mean you're included in all of the above as well by proxie? You have the IQ of a spitball. Seriously.

4:15 PM

Trouble thrice times over.

9 out of 10 toddlers aggree that I build the best forts around...

Untitled III

He says I am nothing
truth be told
I am the ground beneath his feet
I wonder what he'd say
if I swallowed him up
if I turned upside down
if I grew fields of poppies
created nature
fed the creatures
I am the ground beneath his feet
truth be told
he is nothing.