More Adventures with Cowboy Dan

I would say that I can't believe it, but that would be silly...

Sunday, around lunchtime, I took the kids out to get some Chinese food for lunch. When we returned home, I found out my apartment key had fallen off my keychain. I tried calling my neighbor to see if we could hang at her house until it was time to take the kids to Cowboy, but she wasn't home. Thinking for one moment that the Cowboy would be able to be cival for once, I called him up to tell him what had happened. The minute he answeres the phone, he goes into jackhole mode, and attempts to verbally beat me down like always. I asked if there was anyone available at his house, and he said yes. I asked him if there were any way I could drop the kids off early that afternoon because we were locked out of the house. The Cowboy, in true Cowboy fashion, said no I could not. That someone was there at the house, but that didn't mean they were available to me. I told him that was fine, I guess the children and I could just sit outside in the cold and eat our Chinese food for the next 4 hours-until it was 5pm, and "time" for them to be with him. He then went into a barrage of insults, calling me a loser, and taunting me. He said that I could bring them over, but continued to insult me, and finally I just hung up. It was apparent to me that he had absolutely NO desire to help the kids and I out, nor see them before his "scheduled time" appointed for. What is most disturbing to me about the whole thing is that he knew how cold it was outside, he knew the kids didn't have appropriate clothing on to stay out that long in the cold, and he also knew it was their nap time. With complete disregard to the kids, and how the accidental circumstances would have negatively affected them/their well being, he decided to take the opportunity to verbally trash me, intimidate me, taunt me, and hatefully make fun of me instead of putting his SICK AGENDA aside for a moment to have some compassion for the kids. Both the Cowboy, those friendly to his deceitful cause, and his family need to be publicly castrated and stoned. But that's just my opinion-of course.

God, if you can hear me, please curse his twigs and berries with a nasty case of Chiggers. Amen.

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purplessence said...

I can't imagine being away from my 16-month-old daughter for even one night. It's hard enough to be without her during the day when I am working.


Anonymous said...

Mother of the Year,

Besides being a pathological lier, why don't you list all the times you have cried Wolf? You know that story...Peter and the Wolf. Kind of reminds me of you. All those times you want to get rid of your babies and will think of any excuse to not have them.

FunkyLoona (aka Ann/Annie) said...

I'm impressed. You used a "big" word! =) =) =) =) =) =) =)
(Next time maybe you'll get the spelling right. But A for effort!

Pathological LIAR...really? I mean it makes sense. You need me to be a pathological liar don't you? I guess we shouldn't mention how DAN MAY has NEVER asked to have any "extra" time with the kids in TWO YEARS. Its all to my advantage really. I get to nurture my babies, and love them all I want. Its awesome. The cool thing about all of this is that actions speak louder than words. You can call me anything you'd like, but what matters is what my children think of me, helping them grow as amazing little spirits, and protecting them from the insane obsession their grandparents have with the mother they adore. It amazes me when you talk about the general wellfare of the kids. What do you think it feels like to them to be surrounded by your negative energy towards their own mother? Are you only living in the now? What are you going to do when they become aware of the fact that a set of their grandparents, and own father, are trying the hardest they can to remove their own mother from their lives? Wow. You are as blind as you are careless. Stop obsessing over me, and think of the kids for once. They need the love of BOTH their parents. If you would humble yourself for just a moment, things would not have to be like this. Divorce does NOT have to be as dramatic as the movies. WAKE UP-THE CHILDREN LOVE ALL OF US. I WILL NEVER LEAVE. I AM HERE TO STAY. I birthed these amazing little spirits, and I will ALWAYS be an enormous part of their lives. THEY ADORE ME-AND I, THEM. GET A HOBBY, SERIOUSLY. =)

Best Friends Forever,

Queen Annie

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