I'm gettin' hitched! =)

I couldn't have said it better, so I am going to do a little cut-n-paste action from Truitts blog:

Yes, it is true...all the e-mail rumors and such running rampant are correct. Annie bonked me over the head and convinced me to marry her while we spent her birthday weekend in Vegas. ;) I asked on one knee in front of Bellagio's dancing water fountains at exactly 10:00p. Delirious with delight (or fright...lol), she couldn't answer me. Finally, she said "yes", and all was right with the world. Many of the passerbys cheered and cars stopped to take pictures. Truly an incredible moment and the best one of my life, until this summer when she finally becomes my wife (I'm a poet...). Kudos go to my new fiance. I now have the pleasure of being partners with the most wonderous woman in the world.

Couldn't have asked for a better birthday present than that! He amazes me each and every day with his humility, thoughtfulness, kindness, intellegence, and adoration. We're going to shoot for June 30th, and are planning on honeymooning in Eastern Europe. I'll have to keep you posted with pics and such in the months to come! =)