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Nightlife at my house...

Rosie had somehow half undressed herself, and was lying on top of her comforter-sideways. I could hear her soft breathing noises, and their steady rhythm. I slowly pulled her blankets back up over her chubby, little legs, and softly stroked her cheek. Quietly, I tiptoe out of her room, and right into Barretts’. He, oddly enough, is snuggled under his quilt exactly how I tucked him in earlier. Usually my restless little boy has halfway destroyed his bedding by now, but was sleeping soundly, and might very well have had the face of perfect peace. What a beautifully, perfect child. Finally, I make my way back to my own bedroom where, once again, Caleb has convinced me to let him sleep. I probably should make him sleep in his bed most of the time, but these nights are too precious to me to say no. I lay down next to the little lump in my bed known as Caleb. He of course had gravitated to the exact middle of the mattress during my brief midnight check on the midgets. Lucky for me I can pick him up, and scoot him over without him waking up. Unlucky for me-he scoots right back. I can’t really complain about the lack of sleeping space when he spends the night though. The constant snuggling, and ability to smell the scent of baby wash in his hair all night is pay enough…I am now convinced that this is what God will make my heaven like; I’ll get to watch my children sleep for the rest of time.


Finger 'licken good?

Only kids know that the spittle on the side of the bowl is the best part... Posted by Picasa

Rosie vs. The Ravioli

I guess she's been watching me eat... Posted by Picasa