I am afraid of:the dark, bugs that can jump and/or are hairy, hateful people, the unkown.
I love:my babies, creativity, passion, eccentric people, and life.
I love the smell of:mint, Magnolia trees, Ivory soap, my Grandmas kitchen, my dads cologne.
Last meal would be:My dads Chicken Piccata and a bottle of really good Bordeaux.
I love the feeling of this on my skin:worn cotton, body butter, ice, a warm mouth, water, and sweat from a good run.
On a rainy day I:sleep. A lot.
Before I die I want to:travel to Africa and work with pediatric AIDS patients.
I daydream about:falling in love.
I have nightmares about:people trying to hurt me.
It makes me sad when:My babies aren't there to tuck in every night.
It makes me angry when:Dan threatens to try to take away my babies.
It makes me happy when:we make popcorn and watch cartoons on the floor before bedtime.
The first thing I do when I wake up is:wash my face.
The last song I listened to was:The Damnwells, "I Will Keep the Bad Things from You"
My most prized material object is:My laptop.
If I won a million dollars, the first thing I'd do is:Buy some land in the mountains and build a house.
My friends say I'm:Creative, eccentric, funny, sarcastic, brassy, unpredictable, kind, generous, mildly insane.
My family says I'm:...the devil child?
My best physical trait is:my eyes or my legs.
My worst physical trait is:my stomach...3 babies do bad things to your middle.
I believe in:true love, God, aliens, ghosts, power of the mind, and truth.
If I were an animal, I'd be:a monkey.
If I were a food, I'd be:a mango.
5 things I'd want with me on a desert island:My family, an ax, iPod with speakers and some kind of solar powered battery, Rob, and Newmans Own Lemonade.
I wish:my babies lived with me full time.
I hope:they grow up peacefully and feeling love all around them.
I will:find what I'm looking for.

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Anonymous said...

Ha..love will never find your crazy ass and you can't even handle ALL of your babies half the time so keep dreaming.

FunkyLoona (aka Ann/Annie) said...

Naughty, naughty...what did I tell you about huffing ether for breakfast?

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