James Dean in Greensboro

Where was he going? I just can't help wondering that over and over as I sit here in these very capable pajamas, in a very capable home. Last time we talked, it was very briefly over a strawberry cupcake I just so happened to have with me. (Now that just might be random.) I saw him as I was stopped at a light going through downtown. The rain had just started to fall. I quickly parked around the nearest corner, and ran the half block up to catch him. I asked where he was staying, since I hadn't seen him down at the shelter. He said he wasn't staying there anymore, but in a car with a woman he had "met". He pulled at the plastic wrapping on his soda bottle nervously as we spoke. He's always so nervous. His mind seems too scattered for words at most points. Maybe that's why he's always ending the beginning of insight into his mind with, "we'll have this conversation later,(nervous laugh)...". Its like clockwork. If I were worth anything at all, I'd stop thinking about how much I want to sleep right now, and drive my money squandering ass down there to buy him some hella IHOP breakfast/lunch/dinner, and take him to a truck stop so he can wash. He looks like he hasn't bathed in about a month or two. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE. THIS IS OUR CITY. HE'S HOMELESS IN AMERICA, IN GREENSBORO, HERE FOR GOD'S SAKE. Does this stir anything and ANYONE reading this stupid thing? There are so many things you can do to help. You claim to be some creative ANYTHING? DO something for them. Say you did something in your life for someone else, other than not fuss at the woman who forgot to give you your 15% discount at CHICO'S. GET UP AND LIVE ALREADY.

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