I have been urged to shut my blog down by my parents because of threats from both the Cowboy and his father. They have called me "dumb" for writing my thoughts and feeling about the whole divorce. His father says, "doesn't she know that's what lawyers live for?". At this point I'm more annoyed than worn down, but I'm sure that they will keep on trying for the latter. They are trying to use anything and everything I say against me. So I can say in all truth now that they are the most evil, God-less, obsessive, deranged people I could have ever thought existed. I fear for my children. I fear that they are going to wake up someday and see the actions of Cowboy and his father, and think that its normal to treat people like they do. Its very sad, and aggravating to say the least. I want to protect my children from people like these, but then again I want them to have as whole of a family experience as they can-even growing up in a divorced home. This whole situation now just makes my head spin sometimes. I don't understand why we can't just let the past BE just that-the past. We need to work together to raise these beautiful kids in the most normal environment we can. It just blows my mind that they work so hard to separate me from the kids. I never thought I would see the day when a father tries to separate his children from their mother so much. He's trying his hardest to alienate the children from me by playing off the fact that I happen to be diagnosed Bipolar. He wants to run me into the ground with his hate and evil anger. The emails he sends are nothing short of disgusting lies and non-truths. He truly is a Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hyde, and so has become his father. I just feel sorry for the children, that they have to be put in the middle of Cowboy and his fathers misdirected hatred. So sad, so sad...

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Darkmoon said...

your not shutting down are you? I mean give me a break. If they use the blog against you, you can show they're pulling out of context.

And if they are, it'd hurt their case more than help them. I'd keep a backup of your posts just in case.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even going to start considering responding to this site's BS because frankly, its just BS and I don't really give a shit what any of you think about me because EVERYONE that knows me knows that I'm holding my own and doing what must happen for the best interests of my children. ...and if you think you know her, think again. However, tonight I'm going to vent a little bit just so those of you who might be wondering about Ann can get the real story. I have tried to help Ann be a good mother to her children as much as I can do and I will continue to do just that because I have NOTHING but the kids best interests in mind. I want them to have a loving relationship with their mother that enriches them rather than hurts them. I have done nothing but try to get her to spend as much time as she can with the children. It was ANN that completely stopped watching the children a few months ago by first going on what I was told was a camping trip to the mountains where her own family did not hear from her or know where she was. Speaking of that very weekend... Have you seen her earlier blog entry where she was upset when I told her I probably wouldn't be able to make it to our oldest son's fall festival at school because I had some plans to be out of town on her weekend with the kids? Well guess what.. it was postponed a week and she didn't make it back despite telling him that morning that she would be back from camping later in the afternoon and would be there to see him. She didn't leave until near midnight and called me at nearly 3am because she was lost on I40 in Statesville. The part that made me the saddest is that he didn't ask me where she was. You do the math on that one. Anyways, her mother helped for a few days but stopped once the pressure got to her. When Ann decided to come back from her little vacation she ended up going away again for a while. With her mother not willing/able to watch the kids full time and with me out of work watching them, what am I supposed to do? Ann's mom told me that I "need to put the kids in daycare because Andrea obviously isn't able to care for them and isn't going to be..." I have great parents who want to help so my mother came up and solved my problem for me for almost 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks when Ann came back(I'm being kind here Ann) from her second trip she did nothing to get back on our schedule where she watched the children during the day leaving my mother to continue doing it. She was welcome to see the kids whenever she wanted... which wasn't much. One week she went 8 days without seeing the kids and another week it was 5 days. Our current custody agreement has the children with her on more overnights than she used to have which is what she told me earlier that she wanted. However, she is CONSTANTLY making her parents watch the children on those weekends and overnights.... more than half of the time that she's had them over the past several months they have gone to her mother's house instead of home with her. Just this week she called me one evening and wanted me to come get them on my way home from work because she couldn't handle them and because her mother was out of town and she had nobody else to call. I told her to tell that to the judge and she said she'd never tell anyone that. She had already called me earlier in the day because Caleb was screaming for me and wanted me to come get him. I agreed to reluctantly knowing how little time she's spent with the children but also knowing that the most of that time she's been with Caleb and not the other two... therefore it would be good for her to concentrate on them a little especially considering that her daughter calls just about every female "mommy." She's almost two! Anyways, in court she was very happy to agree to our current custody arrangement. She and I got aside and were talking candidly... nicely... and the problem was Ann's mom, not Ann. She had no issues whatsoever with the agreement and seemed relieved that we were working through it.
Finally there's the issue of my parents/pics of kids/etc... If you know anything about Ann, then you know that she carries the scars that no woman should. Wouldn't you think that she would want to shield her own children from any/all possible abusers especially the same one that abused her who could google her name and see pics of her children in a matter of seconds? If you know her the way I do, then you'd know that she has proclaimed that this person would never see or meet the children as long as she lived. Then why would she knowingly allow him to get pics of them online? If you watched that MSNBC special tonight then you know how messed up these people are and just how many of them there are out there. That is why we want the pictures of the chilren off the internet. I don't think I'm being overprotective here considering how close to home this abuse was. I'm airing this out against the wishes and advice of many of my friends and family who continue to read this BS and call/email me constantly saying 'guess what she's saying now.' I don't read this crap like she would like you to think. Honestly, I'm too busy taking care of my children. I could also write a book of responses to her BS but that will never happen because I want all of you to see her for her good qualities and help her be the best person she can be. After all, she is happier when she's got lots of friends. But, if you have a true understanding of Ann, then you'll see how she has gone back and forth on issues(even in her blog.. yes people, read again)pertaining to me, her illness, etc. You may have to play connect the dots to figure it all out but like I said originally you people don't know her and I doubt you ever will. All I ask if you care enough to have read through all of this then say a prayer for my children. Then ask God to help the self professed "best liar you'll ever meet" to stop the lies, grow up, stop blaming everyone else, realize that there are consequences, and accept responsibility and deal with her problems. She told me that when I met her saying that she had to lie as long as she could remember because of her messed up family situation and it had made her the best liar ever. Oh btw, she told me the reason her phone was shut off was a $1000 phone bill. That's right... $1000. It was a $200 long distance phone bill to someone overseas that she hid from me and had no idea how she was going to pay for it was just a part of the reason that we were fighting when she left. She told me that he was giving her great divorce advice... not to mention what she said they were doing with a web camera.
Ok.. I said I wasn't going to write a book. I doubt that any of you believe me anyways given the crap she's shovelled in your ears but beleive me I can dispute 100% of it to include her perception of me as a violent person. Her lies about me punching her are 100% BS and I am the only one in our relationship that was ever punched. Period... END OF STORY. If you don't believe me, then just piss her off and you'll see. She used to say "come on, I'll fight ya like a man!!" when all I wanted was away from her before things escalated. Oh I could go on and on... hmm... and the cursing was typically in response to being called a worthless husband, fucking pussy, pussy, fucking asshole, dickhead, cock sucker, piece of shit, etc etc. Not that this is a valid excuse, but I never called her names without being provoked by similar language first. It was even old news when we got separated because she admitted that I had changed my ways long before we got separated however she didn't change at all. I'll regret airing this tomorrow but oh well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous for your comments. Those of us who know about her wish her the very best and pray for the children. The pictures and all the discussion about personal problems do not belong on the internet for everyone to see. There are two sides to every story and I am happy to hear yours. Hopefully, others will read it and not encourage her.

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