So I finally got "the job" at the shelter. I was so excited, and surprised I have to say, to have gotten it. I think they just got tired of me bugging them, lol. Anyway, my first week has gone pretty well so far. No major incidences to speak of. I'm just learning the whole paperwork system, and how to deal with "clients" on a day to day basis. Its cool, I love the people there. All of them. Its a huge outlet for me, and totally feeds me on a spiritual basis as well. Very good stuff. Anyways, I will be talking about what I can, when I can. I hope all is well with you guys-because everything is looking so very up here. =)


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Billy Jones said...


Billy Jones said...

Also, as long as you're moderating your comments (and I understand why) I posted the poem you left at Poetisphere. -Billy

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