Long time no type...

Heeeeey people! Long time no bloggy blog blog. Lets see here, there is a lot to catch up on so I'll make it snappy. First of all, school is going well! I took my first math exam tonight and got a 90. I should have done better, but I won't make the same kinds of mistakes on the next one. I also finally got a court date scheduled in my case, its on the 28th of this month. This date is for post-separation support and alimony. I did meet with both Dan AND the custody evaluator this past Friday. It went alright I suppose, but I felt a little odd sitting right by Mr. Cowboy to tell you the truth. It is a little hard to be open about things with him sitting there right next to me. We mostly talked about trying to work out some kind of schedule for the kids, and C.D seemed to be really agreeable to what I thought was a "good idea" for them. I haven't found work yet, but am still trying the whole cleaning thing. I put a few flyers up at my apartment complex to try to get something, but no calls yet. I also just bought a new car. It is a Mazda MPV, and its only got 60K. For a 2002 that isn't bad. I'm just glad to have A/C now, haha. I think I may have sold my VW to a girl in my math class, but I'll have to see if that pans out. I really hope so, I need the money. Anyway-I'm off to bed. I hope all is well with everyone in web land.


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Nettie said...

Just blog surfing, yours is cute!

FunkyLoona said...

Awwwwww...thanks Nettie.

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