Court, Kids, and Dough

Today was the first of what will be quite a few D-Day's for me. We were supposed to be meeting about post separation support and alimony, but it ended up being mediation about the separation of property. Cowboy completely lied about a few things, but there is nothing I can do. Its my word against his, and that doesn't count for much in the courtroom. I'm so anxious, and scared about this custody thing too. His lawyer is just low and dirty. She's the same woman that said she would have punched me in the face too-like he did when I was pregnant with Rosie. Dan boasted about her saying that to him as if to try to justify hitting me. Disgusting. She's either evil, or has only heard a perverted version of the story. I'd bet on both.

So, I ended up signing over the house, Landcruiser, and giving back my wedding rings for $5000. I also get half of the money accrued during our marriage in the 401K. That ends up being a little less than 3k. I'm about 13k in debt over-all, so hopefully I can just pay off a big chunk of what I owe. A part of me didn't want to give back the rings because I thought about saving them for Rosie, but I didn't feel like I had a choice. Anyway, I have a ton of psychology homework to do, so I'm going to go. Hope all is well with everyone in bloggerville.

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NickVNC said...

uhhh I don't know anyhting about this sort of thing but how is it that you don't get the house and the car and your wedding rings and you only get $5000.00 that does not make any sense. I'm assuming there must be somehting you are not mentioning. If not that sounds crazy. I mean if you have the kids how come you don't get the house???

FunkyLoona said...

Its too detailed to get into, but yes it does make sense, and yes there are lots of particulars that I don't mention. I just want people to get the over all update on whats going on. Thanks for the comment.

NickVNC said...

Just wanted to be sure they were not taking advantage of you...glad to see things are getting worked out---Take care-

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