The wedding after the wedding

September 29, 2001
That's when we got married. We had gotten engaged the year before, and were planning on getting married when I graduated from college. But as life would have it, or not have it in this case, I got pregnant with Caleb. I took a pregnancy test on Friday, August 10th, we drove to Tennessee the next morning, and got married in about 2 minutes in this little chapel. That night we both called our parents. First, telling them that I was pregnant, and THEN that we had gone and gotten married in Tennessee. I think they were more upset about us getting married in Tennessee. But, a month and a half later my mother had thrown together a beautiful wedding at the O'Henry here in Greensboro, and she was able to have the wedding she always wanted for me I think. 6 months later, on March 29th, Caleb was born.

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