Ok, he's not leaving, that's old news. So I'm going to move in with my parents. It should be fun, well, at least that's what I keep telling myself. Keep positive, right? Haha. Its nice to feel my family behind me, its makes me feel stronger. I'm hoping to catch up with my dad a little too while I'm home. I don't get to talk to him much, so this could be really cool. I always worry that my dad is going to die, and I won't have ever asked what his favorite color is, or what his favorite wine is. He's a pretty cool old man, my dad. I should post his life story up here sometime. You know, sitting here I just thought of something, I bet I could take a painting class during the week now that my mom will be there. Or maybe I'll take one on the weekend. Since Dan is now FORCED to spend time with the kids, AND its going to be minus me. Hmmmm...I wonder what Ande is doing? ANDREA VENTURA WHERE ARE YOU!?!!

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