Ok, so I'm still here! Yae for me! =) haha. I don't think he thought I would still be here, but I am. He has tried subtle threats, outrageous threats, yelling, and some HEAVY manipulation. LOL, what else is new, right? I found some more old poetry when I grabbed some old folders the other day at the house. Some of it is funny its soooo bad, and some of it is pretty good. Anyways, I don't have a whole lot of time lately because my mothers house isn't "kid-proofed", so I can only update at night. Hello to Billy the Blogging Poet, and The Shu! I would put links to their pages here, but I am not at home on my computer. Goodnight everyone!

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TheShu said...
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TheShu said...

Right back at ya, Ann. Glad to see you're still around. Always enjoy your posts. It's wonderful to read back through your entries and see how blogging seems to be helping gain more confidence in yourself. Keep up the great work!

Billy Jones said...

Get a good night's sleep and sweet dreams.

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