Day two of ten comes to close of my babies being gone for Christmas. I just got back from Friendly Center from window shopping a bit, and then caving in and buying some Happiness in a bottle. And no, I'm not talking about something that comes in a brown paper bag. Though right about now I wouldn't be awfully opposed to it. Wednesday night I went to the local Meetup for bloggers in my area. I have to say it was really cool to put faces with names. There were lots of interesting people there to talk to, and much to talk about. I finally met Ben, Billy (BBP!), The Shu, Tara, Patrick Eakes, and got to see but not officially meet Southern Rants. Some new people I met were Juan, Ross, Lewis, and a few others that my brain is refusing to let out right now. Please take a sec, and visit their blogs, ok? (Click on their names, and your computer will magically take you there, WOW!) Good Saturday everyone.

Elvis has left the building.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know I required "official" meeting! (smile) How about next time? Or maybe even a trip to Starbucks in between? I've been known to drink a latte or two with a new friend. Get in touch, pls. Merry holidays!

Leave a comment with your best day/time on my blog or send email.

Billy Jones said...

Yes, putting faces to names is always fun, I'm glad we finally met. I know it's hard but Merry Christmas anyway.

FunkyLoona said...

Thanks Billy, Merry Christmas to you too! =)

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