It took a while, but I was finally able to talk to the kids tonight. Cowboy Dan doesn't think keeping his phone on him is a priority, so I just have to take what I can get I suppose at this point. Sunday was a good night for me. I went down to the shelter again, and got to spend time with some good people. Glad to see that Max and Charles are still there, they're some gentlemen I met while giving out lunches a while ago. I could tell Charles was down, so I talked with him a bit, and he asked me to pray for him after dinner. I've never had anyone ask me to pray for them in person, it was really cool. I did laundry mostly Sunday night. Which reminds me: ANYONE WHO HAS EXTRA BEDDING ITEMS LIKE PILLOWS, BLANKETS, SHEETS, AND BATH TOWELS/WASH RAGS LISTEN UP!! Please email me at funkyloona@yahoo.com, and I will figure out a way to get those from you to the right people over at the Weaver House! =) These people deserve decent linens, so please think about donating even just one thing, it all makes a difference. If you live in the triad area, and would like to make a donation of bedding/bath items, I will even come PICK IT UP from you!! They told me last night that they can send you a receipt for your tax purposes. Shweet huh? Anyways, goodnight-sleep tight-don't let the bed bugs bite...


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mbondur12 said...


When I lived in Greensboro, I helped serve on occasion at the Potter's House for both my church at the time and through my Boy Scout troop when I was a Scout, and later as a Scout leader taking my troop down to help out. Very rewarding work!

Take care of you!



Bedbugs wouldn't want to bite me, I might bite them back!

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