Just let me RANT =)

Cowboy Dan keeps giving me a hard time about our car insurance company separating our policies because we are living apart. This happened because I called them to find out some info about the title on one of our cars. I had no idea that me telling the rep I was talking to would result in the policy split, but he just can't get enough of reminding me how I've "screwed up" once again. This is a taste of Cowboy Danes propensity to try to control my life, and everything in it. My comments are in red.

I wrote him:
Do not harass me again about USAA separating the policies. I did not separate them, USAA did. There was nothing I could do about it.
Thank you,

He wrote back:

Well first of all I'd think calling that harassment is a stretch. I've mentioned it 2x now and this time I happened to know how much it was costing me extra so I figured I'd let you know. How about you don't harass me about giving you money for the bill without you ever showing me the bill. (Yes I did call him to ask for extra money to pay for the car insurance. I never was anything but kind to him too. If he knows how much more its costing him to separate the policies, he knows that I'm not lying about the amount of my bill.) I can't help it if you didn't get the bill to me on time like you were supposed to. I want that bill in my hands tonight when I pick up the kids and that's all I'll say about it so you don't feel harassed. Here's a few other things:

1. The boys did not come back with the same socks on yesterday. I want those socks today when I pick them up and I expect that they will be wearing the ones I sent them in this morning when I pick them up. Yes, I sent the boys home in different socks last night, do you want to know why? Because the they were wearing that morning were dirty. So I put clean socks on them, that's all.

2. I've been doing everything I can to get rid of the rats nest that you let Barrett's hair turn into those first weeks of the separation. I brush his hair 3x a day and I'm using conditioner. I'd appreciate it if you or your mother or your nanny or your father could brush his hair at least a couple times a day rather than continuing to let it get worse throughout the day. This is unbelievable. I got Barrett returned to me with practically a dreadlock in his hair, after staying with Cowboy Dan/my MIL for 5 days. I had to actually cut it out. I never said anything to Dan about this, because I didn't want him to think I was accusing him of something. I gently told him that it might be a good idea to use conditioner on B's hair at night. Obviously I brush my childrens hair, thats just ridiculous.

3.I sent the boys with more pajamas than what you sent back Sunday night. I want the rest back. Actually, I never even opened the bag of clothes he sent.

4. I want the rest of Rosie's pajamas back that you did not send back 2 weekend visits ago. My children need winter clothing, and he still is sending them in summer/spring/early fall clothing. I had to get my parents to buy them winter coats and hats because Dan was happy for them to come to me in fall jackets every morning. My boys, 2 1/2 and 1 1/2, are wearing pants/shirts from last year. Apparently he thinks that its ok to buy car items or beer, but not a few new pairs of pants for you kids.

5. When did Caleb start going to MOPS with you again? Yesterday he kept telling me that he went to school and cried when your mother picked him up.Who is taking him? Where is it? etc...MOPS=Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, a Christian based mothers morning out program. Its once a month. Caleb was talking about Sunday school this past Sunday I'm sure. He cried a little after about 15 minutes, and my mom went to go stay with him in the classroom so that he didn't have a bad experience.

6. I want the name & business phone number of the Nanny you said you hired. Why Dan? So you can send her your online personal? =P She's not a Nanny, she's a 23 year old girl that helps my mother out around her house while my brother is here recovering from a staph infection. I made the mistake of calling her a Nanny to Dan, because she does lend a hand with the kids while we're here.

7. Which organization are you volunteering with? Would you like to know what times I pee during the day too? How about a log of what I eat during the day too? Or maybe what I wore each day this week? =P

Have a great day! His way of giving me the middle finger, lol


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Darkmoon said...

Volunteer? What does it matter if you do good deeds? Sheesh. I know for a fact that this guy doesn't run in my circles. Definitely not, or else I would have heard about the "volunteers". heh. What idiocy.

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