New Babies

My SIL is at women's Hospital as we speak, in labor. Rosie will have a playmate soon! Her name is going to be Chloe, and I think she's going to be little, but we'll just have to see. Both boys are down for naps right now, which is SO nice. Poor Caleb is just such a crab. I hope he can get some good rest this week before C.D has them this weekend. They will be a real mess on Monday, when I get them back, I'm sure. I'm going to email Evelyn today to see if I can get in this weekend and see everyone at the shelter. It will be a good weekend to spend some time there. I miss everyone too. I hope all the people I got to know haven't left in the past few weeks that I've not been able to get down there. NEVER FEAR WEAVER HOUSE! CANDYGIRL IS ON HER WAY! Haha. =P

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Jkimbo said...

Enjoyed your blog! I have bookmarked it.

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