Hi I'm Ann, and I'm old.

I think I have officially joined the old crowd. I no longer only take Aleve at the usual time monthly, instead I have to take it for one thing or another every day. I wake up at five in the morning, and can't go back to sleep. (Is that a divorce thing or an old thing?) I actually like to go to bed early. Drinking fiber doesn't sound all that bad. Where I used to smoke indoors with the windows closed, now the smell of cigarettes makes me sick. I read ingredients now. I use cruise control, count calories, use sunblock daily, and (GASP) have Googled "tummy tuck". (Oh hush people, I'd like to see what you guys have Googled!) Yup. I'm Ann, and I am officially old.

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Juan Vasquez said...

you can't be old 'cause what does that make me.

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