Crazy kiddie days

Last night was a long night. Rosie is sick, and was able to stay here with me. C.D didn't pick the kids up until about 8:00pm, and was supposed to be here between 7-7:15pm. He usually picks them up at 6, but had to do something after work. I was a little frustrated because A) he didn't answer either of his phones when I called to see where he was, and why he was late. B) I would have just had the boys spend the night because they were really tired and ready for bed. I knew that if they went home with him they would be crabby in the morning too. And I was right. They were. We went to the Children's Museum again today, and had to leave early because Barrett started whacking his head on the floor screaming. Then Caleb started screaming because we had to leave. It was nuts. My head hurts.

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chelley123 said...

UM...what the heck?

FunkyLoona said...

Thats exactly what I was thinking Chelley...ha. And...POOF-its gone with my magic delete button! =P

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