Thoughts...while the guy upstairs yells on the phone.

I started to look at the class schedule today for the nursing program I'm starting. I also applied for a student loan. I really hope to get it because I don't want to go to my parents for the money, and am not entirely sure they'll give it to me if I ask anyways. I want to do this so bad I can taste it. I really thought about what kinds of things I am good at, and what kinds of things I enjoy the most. I also had to think about the potential for earning, because I now have three children to raise on my own. I want them to be proud of me, and be able to provide nice things for them-as most of us do for our children. I think that nursing is the best way for me to serve, and that is what I was born to do I think.

In other news, C.D tried to tell me today that I wasn't allowed to take the children to the doctor. He tried to tell me that he was going to be the only one taking them. So I informed him that they were court ordered to be in my possession from 7:30am-6pm, Monday through Friday-if he wanted to take them, he would have to make an appointment during HIS time. He has never wanted to be involved in their healthcare before, so why the urgent interest now? Because that obviously looks really bad that he hasn't, and he's trying to somehow make up for it by faking interest now. But the truth is, I guess, that the only thing that truly matters is that he's there. No matter what his reason.

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mbondur12 said...

I have to disagree slightly. If he has truly changed his ways and wants to take an interest in his kids, great.

However, this simply sounds like another attempt at control. What happens if they get sick while you have them? Are you supposed to wait around until it is "his turn" to go to the doctor? Ummmmmmmm, no.

If all he is interested in is controlling you and feigning concern for his children for the benefit of the outside world and his male ego, then they are better off without him at all.

As for your student loan, you should be able to get enough at least through Stafford Loans to pay for school expenses. Just make sure to fill out the FAFSA (you can do it online now).

I can also tell you from experience that you will never get what you don't ask for. The worst they can say is "no". Find out everything you can and be prepared to hit the financial aid people with both barrels. If you want to talk about that further, just e-mail me.

Are you planning to go back in August?


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