I feel completely worn down right now by the, "Cowboy Dan Divorce Show" that I can't see straight. Dealing with Dan is so stressful because he is such a snake. The kids behavior strictly depends on what kind of INSANE schedule they have endured the night before with him. So my days are pretty much at his mercy. I have to try to stuff them full of protein and fiber during the day because dinner with him is macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, or PB&J 4 nights a week. To drink is sugary chocolate milk all the time. Oh, and let me not forget all the soda as well. SOMEONE needs to give him a lesson in nutrition. If the kids end up with him, they'll be vitamin deficient in less than 6 months. Mark my words. I'm having the hardest time ever concentrating in school, and am already behind in psychology. I read the same paragraph over and over again, and still can't comprehend it. I've always had excellent reading comprehension skills, so I know I'm not ADD or something like that. Its just very frustrating...all of it. It seems like there is no end in sight to all this mess.

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