I haven't been able to write lately because I've been so busy with work. Things are going ok here. I'm just working a lot down at the shelter, and on two days off I have a week I get the kids. So needless to say my schedule is packed in full. I get the kids this weekend, so I hope it will be nice outside so we can go to the park or something. Anything to keep them occupied and happy! =P Everyone is sleeping at the moment, so its nice and quiet. Hope the world is well in Greensboro this afternoon.


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Roch101 said...


I thought of you recently. A freind is looking for a part time employee (office work). 25 hours a week, I think. Interested?

BTW, what is up with the pop-up ads on your blog? I got three.

FunkyLoona said...

Hey Roch,

I don't know where those pop-ups are from. I've tried removing a few things to get rid of them, but they are STILL there, lol. ARghhhh! I would absolutely be interested in the job you mentioned. I need a second job to suppliment my income. Email me? =)

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