Angry letter to The Cowboy

Every time I think about him, I throw up a little...

Since it is only the second day of school for the children, and considering the trouble Barrett had adjusting last time, I believe it is in the best interest of the kids to get taken to school either by myself or you for at least the first few weeks. If you would like to take them, that's fine obviously. School starts at (time) at (name of school here). If that is too late for you to take them because of your work schedule, then I will be more than happy to take them if you simply drop them off at my house-like we did all last fall. They are dismissed at noon on (day) and (day). (Day) is a lunch day, and are dismissed at 1pm. (Your sitter) picks up her children around 2:30pm each weekday. That means on (days they are in school) the children will not have time to nap. Whether you want to admit it or not, you know they have to take naps at this age. I know you said that "they'll adjust" to not napping properly, but that is simply not acceptable for the health and well being of our kids. We are going to have to put our differences aside for now, and think directly about the kids. Its not fair to them to SABOTAGE their success in school by keeping them from getting the proper amount of rest needed at their age. Don't sacrifice the kids just to "be right". You can personally bash me all you want to, but I am not going to stop looking out for whats best for them. Also, since you didn't deem it important to come to both parents open house, OR the children's open house, I know you know nothing about their teachers, schedule, curriculum, or fee's. It is $150 a month for each of them. It is only fair that you pay at least half. This wasn't an option for Caleb. He would have HAD to go SOMEWHERE this year for pre-school. This is a inexpensive school, that lucky for us, is integrating Montessori training into its curriculum. If you have the time to travel 1/2 weekends a month with your girlfriend, then you have the money to help pay for our CHILDREN'S SCHOOLING. As for the threats about taking me to court? That just PROVES to me yet AGAIN what a sadistic, controlling, monster you are. Are you deaf to their cries when I have to drop them off back to you?? THEY LOVE THEIR MOMMY DAN, AND THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO TRY TO LIMIT THEIR TIME WITH ME. YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR YOU, NOT THE "WELL BEING OF THE CHILDREN". So go ahead, take me to court, but just think of the HUGE price you will ultimately be paying for your obscene amount of pride. The price will be the children's emotional health. Oh, and one last thing. Don't you dare taunt me about not having any money. Do it again, and there will BE NO dropping of the alimony NOR the post-separation support suit. You can take THAT to the bank.

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Anonymous said...

Such anger!!! Sounds like you've got a little temper!

FunkyLoona (aka Ann/Annie) said...

What can I say...half Irish, half Italian? I'm one brassy girl.

...and by "sound like you've got a little temper", you must mean:

"Wow, I can't handle a woman that challanges me. My mommy didn't hug me enough as a child, so I have issues with women of substance."

Good thing I can translate Cyber Stalker Speak. Keep posting. I enjoy seeing how obsessed you are with me. Oh, and yes you may have my autograph. I'll send it to the address associated with your IP addy. Oh gee, did you not know I track the IP addys of people who visit my blog? Hehe. You need some Prozac in a hurry sweet cakes. Want some of mine?

Hugs and kisses,

Queen Annie

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