Ahhhhhhhh...the treadmill just kicked my butt, but thats sort of the plan. Super hot mama in the new year, haha! I saw Cowboy Dan a few weeks ago, and he looked like he had lost about 15 pounds. That, plus the whole online personal thing he has going on, just makes me ill. A girls mind starts to get really creative, you know? I wonder if he is dating on his weekends off, or even sleeping with someone? Maybe he even was thinking of certain other women while we were together? Is/was there someone at the office? But I guess thats part of the whole control factor is keeping me in the dark about his new found single life. I've only been gone since the end of October. It just seems too fast to try to replace me...hmm, hmm, hmmmmm.

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mbondur12 said...

I know all about the treadmill kicking your butt. That's something I've started doing (treadmill) recently also.

You know this already, but you don't need to worry about who he's sleeping with or any of that junk. You have bigger things to worry about.


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