I was at the shelter again tonight. I think its my saving grace while the kids are gone. Not just for Christmas, but after Cowboy Dan comes to pick them up at night during the normal week as well. I've acquired a nickname there, "candygirl". I try to bring in some kind of candy each night for the residents there. Its just something I have found that makes a person smile for just a second, you know, getting a piece of candy. Nomatter how hard a person may seem, EVERYONE has an inner child, and I'm here to give that child a piece of candy damn it! =P

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Darkmoon said...

let me know. we'll hit Sam's and stock up on candy. haha.

FunkyLoona said...

TY Ben, u r rockin as usual... any candy people would like to send my way would be awesome. I'm going broke! =P

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