HAHA! I just found out that Cowboy Dan is reading my blog, and he reads it quite a bit too! Now, everyone has been telling me that he probably has been reading it, and in the back of my head I knew he probably was. But now that I have seen his IP addy pop up this much since I put my counter back on, I know for sure. So I would like to say a *BIG HELLO* to him, and invite him back anytime he feels the compulsion to read more. Even you are welcome here Dan, though I know you will try to spin information you gather here into everything other than truth and honesty.

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mbondur12 said...

Well, it shouldn't surprise you that he found your blog.

Eventually, one way or the other, it will resolve itself. I am so glad that my soon to be ex wife isn't being anywhere as demanding and downright mean as your ex seems to be.

Whether he realizes it or not, him being that way and using his kids to fight his battles with you is very unmanly and cowardly (maybe that should be what the "C" stands for). He certainly doesn't have the best interests of the kids in mind. He seems to only want what is best for him, and if it hurts you in the process, that seems to be an extra benefit for him.

Stand your ground, and keep doing what you're doing!


mbondur12 said...

What a coward! It takes some sick, perverted person to use a 3 year old to hash out his problems with you.

You should have figured he would read this stuff sooner or later. As long as you tell the truth (I'm not saying you're not), you should be OK.

I'm there with ya. Just keep doing what you're doing!


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