Hung out with the gang out at Weaver House last night again. I love it there. I talked to C.D last night, when I called to check on the kids, because they were getting sick Friday. Long story short, he hung up on me and told me never to call back after 9pm when he had the kids. He also put Caleb on the phone and told him to tell me not to call anymore and wake him up. He said it in such a harsh tone that I Caleb, who is NOT EVEN 3 MIND YOU, got really quiet, like he was afraid or nervous. I just kept talking to him, and told him it was alright, and tried to get him mind off of Dan being so hateful. He started to whimper a little bit, and that's when I almost died. I wanted to rush over there, and bust down the door, and hold him so that he wasn't afraid. I was at the shelter at the time I made this call, so I had to not cry. But inside I was dying.

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