You know, I really want to write about my experiences at the shelter. I want to tell you about the people I meet there, and the stories they have to tell. I'd like to describe how beautiful the long suffering of the *residents* there is. The problem then arises in the center's privacy policy. I certainly understand the policy, and agree with it, but I can't help but wonder if there would be a way to safely navigate over that problem. (?)There are just so many incredibly inspiring stories that need to be told to you all. I just need to find a way, haha. I snuck this older lady's pants into the washing machine tonight, and washed them for her. The way staff was acting tonight, I think they would have shot me for it. I know we aren't supposed to do that, but 1) she was having some odor issues, and 2)she only has 2 pairs of pants to her name. Everyone is so mean to this little woman, but they don't really realize that she's not all there, and she just needs some love. That's all. And trust me too, if I could tell you her story, you'd all want to go meet her just to hug her. But, I get so irritated with certain individuals that don't know how to speak respectfully, and kindly to this woman. Its really sad. This woman is someone's mother, and even if she's not, they need to treat her like she is. Anyways, the midgets are back tomorrow, and I am SO GLAD! I have missed them so bad. I wish they could spend the night. I can't wait until this is OVER.

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