Welcome Mike: Greensboro Poet at Large

This is a poem from a guy I just met named Mike. He is so very passionate about his work, and needs some support from the writing community. Here is one of his poems I promised to post for him:

My Thirst
My thirst runs deep,
but it's not for water, wine or juice.
I thirst to fill this empty side, replace my rib with you.
I thirst to have, to hold, and to cherish,
I thirst for a best friend.
I thirst to take you out to eat, take a walk with you, hand to hand.
I thirst to comfort you when your sad, make you smile, when you feel down.
I thirst to hold you when your lonely, take a trip you pick the town.
I thirst to give you what you need, surprise you with things you want.
I thirst to listen when you speak, understand you when most don't.
I thirst to take away all your pain, with help from heaven above.
And pray for strength to quench this thirst I have inside for love.

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mbondur12 said...

Here is your other buddy Mike with an attempt at poetry (I guess the other Mike inspired me finally!). Anyway, here it is.


Billy Jones said...

Be careful around them poets...

FunkyLoona said...

Haha, very funny Billy =)

I need to post a link to this guys website too. I promise to get to it soon...

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