You can make a difference, here's how:

There are so many people in need in our world, and so many of us want to help, but most of us just don't know how do we? Well, here are some organizations that are worth a little lookie people! So open your heart, and those of you who have the means, open your wallets(creeeeek!)...

Donations to The American Red Cross are tax deductible. You may also donate STOCK if you wish, or for those of you who collect AIRLINE MILES on your credit cards-you may donate those! 'Tis the times for blessing others my friends. Blessed be.

The United Negro College Fund today helps facilitate the education of over 65,000 students at 950 schools. It also helps to keep tuition down by 52% below that of other comparable schools. They make they most of your donation dollar, so please !

Stand Up For Kids is an awesome organization that works with homeless/runaway kids in the streets. They have centers all over the country in 27 states! It really is worth looking into if you have a few extra dollars at the end of the month, and instead of buying that new cd, send the 15 bucks their way.

Lastly, please think of our brothers and sisters in mourning from the blackness the Tsunami brought. UNICEF is a very trustworthy organization. I hope everyone that reads this thinks to maybe shell out just a dollar or two. It all makes a difference.

I promise to catch up on my Bloggeroni this weekend friends, I've just been a little preoccupied, that's all! Pray for me, those of you who do, I'm really struggling with some emotions about C.D. Its sort of all a bunch of fear, love, hate, anger, sorrow, and disbelief all kind of spilling out at once. Enough blubbering out of me, g-night to all...

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Misery said...

This is a really nice blog. I found it while browsing matches for White Oleander as that is one of my favorite books. You seem like a neat person!


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