I just got home from G.U.M a few minutes ago, and I am officially TIRED. I can't believe how many new faces have turned up since I was there last. Its not even been 2 weeks, which I know is a long time, but there has been a huge turnover. Some of the residents have gotten permanent housing, which is awesome, but most are just back on the streets. And its just started to get so cold at night again, that I worry a lot about them. As many of you start to clean out your closets, again I ask of you, please remember these great people down at the Greensboro Urban Ministry. They do accept donations of food, clothing, and financial gifts. Oh, and on last thing! I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Lawndale Baptist Church. They provided residents with a wonderful meal tonight, and really went all out with the food. Cutting fresh strawberries for the homemade strawberry shortcake, and I can't forget the homemade cornbread. You ladies, (and gentlemen), truly put your heart into it. I just personally wanted to thank you, as I know each resident is thanking you tonight as they sleep with a full belly! God bless each one of you.

Ok, time for me to hit the hay, or in this case-feathers. Sweet Dreams kiddies...~Ann

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