Ok fine, so I didn't go to bed yet...hehe. I found out that, according to Tickle.com, there are men looking for me, but those men aren't "my type", and "my type" is what everyone else wants. Thanks for the thrilling news Tickle, really. Do I get a free pint of Ben and Jerry's with my test results? : P
These are the results of the personality test I took, and yes, you can laugh:
What do people see in you?
You're warm, knowing and aren't afraid to go after your goals. You tend to be patient with people, too. And if that weren't enough, you pretty much set the standard for emotional health by being filled with positive feelings and energy - energy you radiate out onto those around you.
How do you compare to others?
You're highly unique, as only 9% of women your age have the same personality type. Another 9% have personality types similar to yours.
Do men like your type?
16% of men are looking for your exact type. Another 64% are looking for someone highly similar to your type.
What do men like about your type?
Men like the extent to which you're adventurous.The research indicates that men are most drawn to your willingness to explore and take risks.
What are you really looking for?
Your ideal match is open-minded, extroverted and independent. He's very free-spirited and is likely fairly liberal in his views. He's like a magnet for love and affection - people just seem to adore him. And, thanks to a healthy dose of self-confidence, he's unusually flexible.
Is he a rare breed?
Approximately 11% of men have that exact personality type. Another 15% are similar to the type you're looking for.
Who's your competition?
About 12% of women your age are after the exact type of man you are. And 11% of men have that personality type.As you can see, your ideal man is in high demand. (Great, another reason to consider dating again huh? lol)
What's so compelling about him?
Women are most attracted to the extent to which your ideal man is confident.
Stay tuned for new results soon. I know you're all dying to know what kind of fruit I would be, or what perfume I am, or what car I am most like, right? Haha. Here's the link so you guys can knock yourselves out: www.tickle.com

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