Pass the Kleenex...

Ok, so I was having a pretty crappy day the other day, and was feeling sorry for myself. (Ok fine, I may have been out of Prozac as well.) But, I want to formally apologize to any readers I may have, and say that I will most certainly try to stop being a cry baby about SUCH a wanker. Dan being his first name, of course. I want to post these emails he sends me, because they are COMPLETELY ridiculous, but there are so many lies in them, I feel like I'd have to write some kind of rebuttal to every one! But I think you guys would get a total kick out of reading his nut-job letters.

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D. Hoggard said...

Yes, do post one or two.

It is obvious from your posts that your ex-husband is in dire need of some serious counseling and perhaps a good ass-whipping at the hands of real men. But his actual words would give us additional first hand insight to his abusive mind.

I say post them, I doubt you will have to defend yourself against his words, however. The mindset of such men as your children's "father" will come through loud and clear.

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