I still have a memories of how my fingers perfectly slide into yours,
how soft your skin felt in the morning,
and your perfect
bottom lip.
I still have memories of night walks down to the university,
people watching
and me admiring everything
I still have memories of the day I
all of me sobbed,
all of me.
You left that morning,
and I was never the same,

but will keep a part of you with me


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Billy Jones said...


FunkyLoona said...

No, actually its crap, but something had to come out right then. lol

mbondur12 said...

I'm not real sure what to say. As much as I know you don't want to do this, I think it is best if you let the lawyers handle things. It is pretty obvious he doesn't want to do things the friendly way, which is unfortunate for everybody involved, especially the kids.

Some strange part of you STILL loves this man. Normal people who haven't been through this stuff can't understand that. I do understand that, because I am there.

My ex hasn't been anywhere near as manipulative as this guy, although she does have her moments, and there is still a part of me that loves her.

Funny coincidence, she is taking our kids to Florida this week to see her friends and family there, but I know what she's driving, where they're planning to go, and where they're staying.

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