Well tonight was interesting, to say the very least. I finally got to meet Southern Rants, which was very cool. There is something very nurturing about her, indeed. I also got to meet Chewie, Lenslinger, Roch, and few others. My meeting with Kitty went really well this afternoon, btw. I feel really good about everything. I told her about my blog today, and she didn't seem bothered by it. I just hope that any readers that I might have would forgive me if they think the integrity of my blog has been compromised. I want you to know that I will tell you as much as I can, without it compromising the chances of my case. Its just that sometimes I don't know what could be a "bad thing" to post, and what is completely harmless. I don't know if some of you caught the emails that I posted last week, but I took them off after a few comments were made about how it might have an effect on my case. Maybe I can put them up again, but I'll have to see. Goodnight all!

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Chewie said...

It was great to meet you too. I just realized I had no link to your blog on my site -- that is just crazy, and my mistake. I've fixed it now.

I really enjoy what you write, even, or maybe especially, the most difficult stuff. Don't stop!

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