I went to Grace today, and it was a really good service. My little brother went with me, and it was so nice to be able to spend time with him. I have my first meeting of the 6 with the custody evaluator on Tuesday. So everyone who prays, please remember me that day. C.D has his on the 14th, so I can see this dragging out for a long while. Last night was pretty bad when I called to say goodnight to the boys. I called twice, and left messages for him to call me back at 7:30, so that I could talk to Barrett before he was put to bed. Of course he never called me back, and I finally got in touch with him at almost 9pm. I confronted him about not returning my calls to speak with the children. He first said he didn't hear the phone, but then said he had it in his pocket. He had me on speaker phone with Caleb right there with him. He was yelling the whole time. I kept telling him not to yell in front of Caleb, and to lower his tone. He simply said he wasn't yelling...While yelling. He told me to stop talking to him, and talk directly to Caleb. I told him to stop acting like a control freak. He suddenly started counting down from 3, and I rushed to say goodnight to Caleb before he hung up the phone, but he got to 1 before I could finish saying it. It was completely bizarre. I didn't call back because I knew Caleb had to be really afraid from Dan yelling, and I didn't want to anger him any more. He might start yelling again, and scare Caleb even more. I wanted Caleb to be able to sleep. Even though I know he wasn't going to. I just hate this. This feels wrong. HOW CAN THIS BE OK FOR MY CHILDREN TO HAVE TO ENDURE THIS? THEY DESERVE BETTER THAN WHAT HE OFFERS THEM; MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY. PERIOD.

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