Dear You,

I see you still check in on me. That little "SiteMeter" at the bottom of the page tells IP addy's. You must be working nights again. So, are you just bored, or does some part of you still love me? You know, it wasn't until after we were apart that I realized you were, in fact, in love with me. Anyways. People change. I've changed dramatically. But what hasn't changed is that I still love you, and always will. Your memories sit in a beautiful parlor in the deepest part of my heart. I visit them every so often. Like when I see that you've come to read about what I'm doing in life. The eternal romantic in me dreams of you coming back someday...maybe someday. Until then, I wish you happiness and luck in life. I hope she is everything you dreamed of, and everything I wished for you to have. And I wished for you to have the world, nothing less.


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mbondur12 said...

I hope he realizes what he lost.

Why you would still want him back after all the stuff that has happened, I don't know or pretend to understand.

All I can say is that I find a woman who loves me that much before I die (or get too old to care, whichever comes first).

FunkyLoona said...

I didn't write that letter to Cowboy Dan. Its to someone else. A friend from a long time ago.

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