Its D-Day for me

I have the first of the parental evaluations today at 1pm. Its a 3 hour appointment. I've got a fridge full of great food now. I cook when I'm nervous. Must be an Italian thing, huh? Haha. Its good though, because my SIL is coming to watch the midgets for me, and her friend will be here with her 2 kids, so there will be a total of 7 kids here. Should I have rented a pony and a MoonJumper? =)

I ended up putting together the BEST chicken salad last night: shred your chicken, herb your mayo with tarragon, add a some good Dijon mustard, a handful of chopped walnuts, s+p, and chill overnight. Oh wow, is it good...

PS) I simmered the chicken in veggie broth with a few peppercorns added. It really makes a difference in flavor. Try it sometime!

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Anonymous said...

So what was the outcome of your meeting yesterday?

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