Hoggity Hogg HoggFest

Operation pork/brownie drop off went as planned, and the Hoggards have my donation. I did forget the ice chest, but I think I'll just bring that tomorrow. I need to find a chair to sit in, because I'm going to be doing a whole lot of it because of my back. I do feel better, but I get really tired really fast. I need to try to do a little more each day so that I'm not so shaky on my left side. I'm actually really excited to get outside a little because I've been in all week, and I want to see everyone there too. BEN, YOU BETTER BE THERE!!! Anyways, I got to meet Jenni, and she is so cool. Oh, and btw, they have the most awesome house. Its as inviting as they are themselves. Anyways, see you guys tomorrow at HOGGFEST!! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

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Billy Jones said...

Wasn't it cool? ;-)

FunkyLoona said...

It was very cool, and I was so glad so many people were able to make it out! =) Glad to see you there too Billy, I've missed ya since I haven't been able to be at the MeetUps. I wish I could have stayed longer but my back wouldn't let me. =P

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