Thank you Ben

Thanks Ben for helping me fix my wireless issues. My laptop can now boil an egg, butter AND jelly my toast, give me a foot massage, all while buzzing a great rendition of "Come As You Are" by Nirvana. Whataguy, eh?

Cookies Ben, lots and lots of cookies. =P

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Darkmoon said...

ALRIGHT! COKIES!...err.. cookies!

Juan Vasquez said...

apples don't have issues.

FunkyLoona said...

setting up my new wireless router, not problems with the actual notebook...

Funzio said...

Ben thank you for your support
Good luck with your new life
thanks for the warm blanket
and could you tell me
what Hung.app is
my home network is flashing.
Im worried

Funzio said...


Just wanted to thank Ben
for the warm blankets *) big
smiles warm wishes in your new
can you help with a hung.app virus???? found it slamming
my computer at home.

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