I'm trying to move out. Finally. My house, which is on lockdown by Sir Snake N. Thgrass, will be sold at the end of this whole thing anyways. So I might as well start over now, right? It would be a waste of time to move back into there if I had the chance to. Well, I went down to DSS this morning to see about getting a little financial help so I can get on my feet. (You know, BEING THAT I GET A WHOPPING $700 CLAMS A MONTH in child support and all.) You just never will guess what I was told. Oh ok, maybe you will...you smartie pants reader you. Even though I care for my midgets from 7:30am until 6:00pm Monday through Friday, I am simply considered "CHILD CARE" by the state. Thus, removing me from any qualification for financial assistance of any kind. Who'd a thunk it? lol. Great. Really. Apparently Cowboy Dan did his homework, and his little dog (his lawyer) too.

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