Crackheads and Cowboys

I finally have a working connection to the net again since I moved, so here we go:

I moved into my new place last Thursday, July 20th. The kids are getting used to it here I think, but this weekend is their first weekend here-so we'll see how that goes. I have to admit I can't stand apartment living, but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough. I've officially lost another 10 pounds, and Juan keeps calling me the "disappearing woman" every time I see him. (Speaking of, sorry about last weekend Juan-I don't know what happened either.)

So anyway, I get this letter in the mail from Cowboy's attorney last week that blew my mind. I seriously think that he and his attorney got together and smoked crack under her desk before writing it. I should preface this by saying that the offer I gave to him over the phone was this: he gets the house and equity in it, the Landcruiser, and my wedding rings for five thousand dollars. He said that it sounded great on the phone, but then I received the letter in which they offer me nothing for something. (Yes people, not the other way around.) In his letter he offers me the original deal of the five thousand dollars for the house, Landcruiser, my wedding rings, but wants me to waive post-separation support, AND alimony, AND waive any rights to further equitable distribution, AND the right to having the debt split between us. Let me tell you why this is an offer from a crackhead. When I sent my brothers to get my things, because King Cowboy said I couldn't be there or come in the house, I had emailed a small list of things for him to have ready for them to pick up. Instead of that list, he sent almost EVERYTHING there except for the bedroom suite. I knew something was up when I saw what he had sent because he has been all heels about this since the beginning, but now all of a sudden the guy wants to give me everything there? Riiiiiiight. I know he did it so that he could try to get out of paying alimony and post-separation support. Like it was some kind of trade off or something, and a trade off I didn't want or ask for. Last thought for this post:

Say no to crack Cowboy, and pass the advice on to your sky high lawyer.

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Roch101 said...

Do you have an attorney?

FunkyLoona said...

Whats up Mister Smith:

Kitty Hatfield is my attorney.

Roch101 said...

Okay, good, Ms. Luna.

FunkyLoona said...


mbondur12 said...

This is what you call the "fine art of compromise".

He and his lawyer offer you this rather silly proposal to start with, which they know you'll never accept, and then his lawyer and your lawyer work out what is REALLY gonna happen and who will end up with what, and inevitably, they take forever to do it.

All in all, a rather nasty process where nobody wins except the lawyers.


As far as the debts go, if you both signed for them originally, then to the bank, you're both "wholely and separately" liable for them no matter what happens. I learned that lesson the hard way from my first divorce.

For example, he'll have to refinance the house/cars in his name only to get you out from under those. If he doesn't, they can and will come after you if he doesn't pay the bills....trust me.

Anonymous said...

A divorce decree doesn't mean jack sh*t to anyone except the courts and the 2 people who got divorced. Your creditors will not honor it, nor will the federal, state and local governments (ie: taxes) The long and short of it is unless you and he keep up the payments and/or refinance everything into you own names, the credit card companies with get judgements against you both, the bank will repo you vehicle(s)and the mortgage company will foreclose on your home if you get past 90 days delinquent. You can still get credit cards, auto loans and mortgages afterwards; however, you will be made to jump through never-ending hoops to get there and you will pay through the nose in high interest rates once you get it!

FunkyLoona said...

lol, I love it.

Anonymous said...

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